October "Clean As You Go" Challenge

Hi Lovelies
About a month ago I started a new routine in my life that helped me a lot.
I'm pretty organized and clean person but always had a struggle to keep my kitchen sink empty from dirty dishes.
I don't have a dishwasher so I have to clean everything by hand.
so usually in my busy schedule I always left the dishes for a later time.
when I cook and meal prep I always end up with ton of dishes to clean and a full sink.
every time I passed by the sink I was annoyed by the look of it.

when finally I had to wash all the dishes it would of took me at least 20 minutes to clean it all.
so one day I decided to to something about it,
I decided to try to clean "as I go",
meaning every time I finished using a plate or mug I washed it right away.
when I finished my morning coffee I immediately rinse it,
when I finished with my lunch I immediately rinsed the plate,
even during meal prep,
as soon as I finished with the cutting board and knife I rinse it and so on...
at first it was hard but I kept going and
as I kept doing it I noticed a big progress in my mood 
because every time I passed by my sink it was empty and sparkling clean,
and my kitchen looked so much neater and cleaner because of it.
it also saved me the 20 minutes each time that I used to spend on it .
after about a week or two it become a habit and I don't even mind doing it,
and it so much easier doing it this way because
the stains get off so much easier and you don't need to scrub it out,
it easy just like washing your hand after you done eating,
because it usually one plate and a fork or one mug at a time .

so if you are struggling with doing the dishes and always have your sink full
this challenge is for you:

start this routine on every day of October
wash the dish immediately after you done with it,
and don't leave it to your evening cleaning routine or morning cleaning routine
here are some additional tips to help you with this month challenge:

1. use a good degreaser dishwashing soap that can easily remove the stain off.

2. if you do end up with a lot of dishes at once, use a rubber gloves ,not only to protect your hands and give you a better grip,but
it's always feel more easily to get it done when I use the gloves. 

3. if you have kids that are old enough, teach them to clean their own dishes
after them self (or put in the dishwasher ),so you don't end up doing their dishes too.
and ask your husband as well to do it's own dishes after himself.
I know it's easier said than done
but I really think that every adult should be responsible to his own mess and should be able to clean after himself and not expect others to do it for him.

4. to help things look somewhat more organized,
I put two small containers one on each corner of the sink
(stainless material).
one for small garbage (like egg shells,orange peel etc...)
and one for putting all the dirty silverware in,
you can use an old mug, fill it with water and a little bit of dishwashing soap.
I like to separate them from the other dishes, and also that way they can soak
it ,and the stains don't get stuck on it 
(like pb and jam that are hard to scrub off once they dried )
and the sink looks more organized that way.

So I hope you will adopt this routine in your own life and please feel free to leave me comments below and let me know if it helped you to.

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