Easily Achieve Any Goal

Hi Lovelies

I am really passionate about organizing and planning,
so I decided to share with you my planner spreadsheet that I designed myself to help you achieve your goals and help you stay focus and motivated.
I would recommend that you hang it some where very visible that you will see a few times a day to keep reminding yourself through out the day. 
you can hang it on the fridge door or inspiration board in your room or even keep it in your daily planner, whatever works for you,
but be sure to make it visible as possible.
so here is an example on how you can use it
to maximize your progress.


now I would suggest that you don't set up your goals too high, because you might not reach them and be disappointed so for example if you want to lose 20 lbs aim for just 4 or 6 a month, it might sound too low but it a goal you can reach, always remember to take baby steps it's more efficient for the long run and to building good habits.
so if you want one of these planner you can just press on the image (right click)save link as.

It's free

and I would suggest printing it as a landscape full page.

hope you like this and that it will help you achieve your goals
if you have any suggestions or comment feel free to post them or send me a private message xoxo

(right click)save link as.....

if you want a better quality image ,send me a message from the contact bar below and i will send it to you .

P.S don't be discouraged because it's the middle of the month and you might want to start using it
next month, I would start using it today just set myself smaller or fewer goals
rather then let these 2 weeks go to waste :)


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